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Poems, inspired by A Course in Miracles

Here you can read the poems that poured through me while doing the lessons of A Course in Miracles and reading the Teacher’s Manual and the Text in original language:

Dance of Love
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
After you wake up
Ego traps
The choice
No need
End of dreaming
My choice
Unable to judge
Stillness inspires
My calling
Back to sanity
The Truth
Wake up
Gentle Voice


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Your happiness and function are one,

All resistance is gone.

Your happiness and function are one,

Service and devotion are fun.

All the guilt is miraculously undone.

Accept what is given and have fun.

When you leave every worry behind,

You can rest and relax your holy mind.


I’m going for God,

I’m leaving everything behind

That doesn’t serve the awakening of the One Mind.

The Light of Christ can shine,

I was lost and now I’m found.



Dance of Love

My Inner Voice softly whispers

That we’re all brothers and sisters,

And it’s still just a concept,

Until there’s nothing left,

Only Love.

My Wisdom sings me a song,

I can joyfully dance along.

All my illusions disappear,

ntil there’s nothing left to feel,

Only Love.



Prayer to the Holy Spirit

My purpose is to hear only Your Voice

So I can return to God

And become part of Him again

In every moment I decide for Heaven

For that is in me just as hell

When I let that be my choice


I release what’s untrue

I let go all my false perception:

Nightmares and death

Isolation and sense of lack

Holy Spirit please help me

All my false perception please correct



After you wake up

Everything you love and makes you joyful

is the symbol of light and divine within you

That point towards the happy dream


Everything you are concerned about

is the symbol of fear and projections of guilt within you

That point towards your belief that this suffering world is real


Would you be angry about a character

in your dream after you wake up?

Would you be disappointed

that you were poor

that didn’t have a career you wanted

after you wake up?


Forget about money and the perfect body.

Forget about career.

You are guided for the best.

Leave to Me the rest.




Every thought is vanity,

It’s the sign of insanity.

This world does not exist,

It’s a dream, an illusion, just mist.


Even my pain is unreal,

My mind created what I feel.

I want to let go of this craziness,

I have to forgive this unloving mess.


Writing this poem, using words are vanity,

I want to experience only Reality.

I bring the illusions to the Truth,

It’s loving, joyful and absolute.


Manifestation can’t be more just a step,

I don’t want to stay in the dream, trapped.

I learn to release everything to the Wholy Spirit,

I am being done through, I enjoy it.



Ego traps

Good at this, more of that:

All come from a false self concept.

Desire this, fear of that:

What I can find in the end is death.

It has been said, but I easily forget.


I’ve found my perfect spouse,

Then I had to follow a succesful career path.

Of course I aspired a perfect body,

I want them all and a lot of money.

Without achieving them my life cannot be sunny.


I looked at those who have them all,

They’re miserable, just a fallen idol.

Peace of mind is the only worthy goal.

I relinquish everything ’cause I am already whole.

In letting go I can finally unify with my Soul.



The choice

Every one of us is as innocent as a child,

Difference exists only in the dream of the unforgiving mind.

Happiness in the future was only a myth,

To the reality this concept cannot fit.


The right choice makes the sins disappear,

The world that’s real is not of fear.

Today I am grateful for being gifted,

The veil from the suffering world has been lifted.



No need

The body is always in need.

It wants to feed.

Clothes to wear, food to eat,

The concept of lack is its seed.


The Spirit is forever complete.

God and me can meet.

My ego will go to sleep.

This moment is forever complete.


I am Spirit.

No need to feed, no need to eat.

I am forever complete.


The untrained mind is always in need.

It wants to feed.

Problems to solve, pleasure to keep,

The concept of lack is its seed.


The Spirit is forever complete.

God and me can meet.

My ego will go to sleep.

This moment is forever complete.


There is One Mind.

No need to feed, no need to eat.

We are forever complete.




I cannot hear a word

In the outside world.

But I still hear the voice,

In my mind there’s a constant noise.


If I get bored,

My mind becomes a sword.

War starts its accord,

Feels like forever cold.


I don’t have to do anything,

Creation comes from nothing.

To be in quiet is for the best,

Beauty emerges from emptiness.



End of dreaming

I return to the love ocean,

I have strong commitment and devotion.

I learn the lessons of mine,

So the Wholy Spirit can collapse time.


It’s a dream,

That we dream together

Until the end of time.


I am the perfect sky,

I close my tired eye.

I learn the lessons of mine,

So the Wholy Spirit can collapse time.


It’s a dream,

That we dream together

Until the end of time.



My choice

I am unwilling to suffer by choice,

Unwilling to choose the pain and noise.

My body is a learning tool.

It’s not my idol, I’m no fool.


I am willing to do the work,

The gentle Voice does not remain unheard.

The world is just a symbol,

It’s not my goal.


Every conflict is a possibility, (see it)

On the road to purity. (walk on it)

Every problem is a lesson, (learn it)

On the road to heaven. (walk on it)




My ego wants everything right away,

It doesn’t care which way,

The yearning does never stop,

My ego wants more, it’s never enough.


My ego wants everything here and now,

It doesn’t care how,

A vicious circle of never ending desire,

My ego wants to move higher and higher.



Unable to judge

How could I say

What’s your way?

When I don’t know

My way to go?

How could I judge you?

When I am like you, too?




I thought I know everything, I did not ask questions,

I was certain everything was true what my mind mentions.

It was like prison with the promise of freedom and happy life,

Only to stay in despair with every failed attempt of breaking out.


There were sins everywhere but I knew the way out,

I thought I am wise and clever, I could not shut my mouth.

I felt myself a deceitful liar who claims the throne to judge

Right and wrong, worthy and unworthy, shoulds and should nots.


My eyes are shut but now I can see

The perfect, whole, loveable reflection of every One in me.

My mouth is shut, I am still but I can teach,

Doing is unimportant, my Being and my forgiveness will preach.


Innocence and purity in the eternal Light,

What a beautiful, loving, caring sight, here is the end of night.

No need to strive, no need to aspire, no need to speak in Heaven,

I forgave completely, I am grateful, I’ve learned my lesson.




Powerful forces flow through my mind,

I have to appreciate the Help I have found.

Lack of joy and happiness is an omen,

I’ve been given the chance to decide every moment.


My life is created in this very moment.


Exciting ideas flow through me,

I have to respect my Artistry.

Lack of faith and enthusiasm is a sign,

If I feel bored I must resign.


My life is created in this very moment.


Inspiring people flow though my life,

I have to learn the lessons they provide.

Lack of love and compassion is an omen,

I need to forgive so I can be whole again.


My life is created in this very moment.


Peaceful certainty flows through me,

I respect the brilliant Artist in me.

Lack of passion and purpose is a sign,

I am connected I can accept what’s mine.



Stillness inspires

To live in fear feels like treason,

To my true Self it has no reason.

In the stillness I wash my suffering face,

In my happy tears I discover God’s grace.


To live in a constant mind chatter,

To my true Self it does not matter.

In the stillness Creativity is like a flower,

In my blessing God is my Lighting Tower.


To live in the concept of need,

To my true Self, nothing is missing indeed.

In the stillness I feel eternal abundance,

In richness we sing and dance.


To live in duality in a fearful dream,

To my true Self it is only an absurd scene.

In stillness I am One with God’s Presence,

In my being that’s my pure Essence.




As the Divine Thoughts fill my mind,

I leave the suffering of the world far behind.

All this Peace was all along within me,

I was searching so wild outside, I could not see.


I forgive the world for it is only an illusion,

All the war, suffering, catastrophes and death in fusion

With all the beauty, enjoyment and life…

Contradictions in a dream in a never ending fight.


Does it worth to struggle for happiness in a dream?

I realized my goals are not what they seem,

Valuable only when accepting the body as real.

We all want happiness, just the content differs, what we think can heal.


Now I just consider the world what it is, but I must see,

How could anything out there save me?

Love, Peace, Happiness and Joy:

These are all my eternal Heritage for ever to enjoy.



My Calling

Behind my clouds there is my perfect Sky,

It seems so distant, I cannot fly.

During my storm I can’t see my  Ocean,

Everything seems so furious in angry motion.


Sometimes I forget this storm is soon over,

Like a junkie I am again sane and sober.

Beneath the pain there is a spark of my Self,

When my mind is open, I’ll receive Help.


Then the Wholy Spirit can enter my mind,

In trust I can unify with the Divine.

How it feels like just gently to be,

I’ve almost forgotten in the search for me.


In this peaceful beingness creativity can blossom,

I am certain I receive as a present my profession.

Joy and passion may lead me on my way,

For this I will pray every blessed day.



Back to Sanity

I thought I’d be better off without You,

What a crazy, foolish act to do.

I’ve dreamed of a lot of amazing thing,

Now I’ve found out it’s all nothing.


I thought I can do everything on my own,

How crazy this is, it is now clearly shown.

I’ve dreamed of being rich,

Now I see what Miracles teach.


I thought I need success and fame,

What a crazy thought of a body in shame.

I’ve dreamed of finding happiness int he world,

Now I know why I’m here on earth.


Fame, fortune, success – what I’ve been striving for,

I thought these are worthy of fighting for.

I’ve dreamed of finding freedom,

Finally I’ve found out freedom is not Freedom.



The Truth

In the world there is my guilt,

When I forgive it is healed.

In the world there is my fear,

When I’m healed I can hear

The Truth.


In my mind is all my projection,

In my Mind is all my protection.

To forgive the world is my way out,

To forgive you is my way out

From the illusion.


In the world there is your guilt,

When you forgive it is healed.

In the world there is your fear,

When you’re healed you can hear

The Truth.


In your mind is all your projection,

In your Mind is all your protection.

To forgive the world is your way out,

To forgive me is your way out

From the illusion.



Wake up

From the world of fears,

From the dream of tears,

From the world of slaughter,

Would you like to wake up in laughter?


From the world of hunger,

From the dream of thunder,

From the world of fight,

Would you like to wake up in light?


From the world of horror,

From the dream of sorrow,

From the world of emptiness,

Would you like to wake up in happiness?


Would you like to wake up in laughter?

Would you like to wake up in light?

Would you like to wake up in happiness?

Herein lies the peace of the Light.



Gentle Voice

The universe is in my mind.

Do I think it is kind?

The whole world depends on what I’m thinking,

For my thoughts may show me it is sinking.


If I’m feeling alone and sad,

I’m thinking of something sad.

Like after a tornado there is desctruction,

Until I learn to listen to the gentle Instruction.


As if I’m awake in a dream,

Now I’m striving for listening only to Him.

I am willing to be peaceful and happy,

Finally I’ve found what sets me free.

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